A Wallboard is an interesting feature of gPlex® contact center (CC) system that presents snapshots of consolidated sets of data on a suitably located monitor. It has considerable visual impact on its users. It is used by agents, supervisors, and the management of the CC for varied reasons. It captures data from multiple data sources and builds and presents unique bullet point reports on on-going operations of the contact center. The data presented on the wallboard are what you as a gTalk® CC customer want i.e. custom designed to suite your needs.

gPlex® wallboard helps contact center operations in many ways. The management and supervisors receive efficiency and performance matric on an on-going basis based on which they may take operational decision to improve performance. Agents get a feel of their performance on nearly real time basis which motivate them to deliver best efforts to fulfill or exceed performance target. Increased awareness and improved performance are immediate benefits of the wallboard reporting solution.



gPlex® Wallboard – for Visual snapshots of performance metric of your contact center operations.

Solution for display of analyzed data of your CC operations.

Key Benefits of Call Center Wallboard

  • Graphically presents KPI data of CC operations.
  • Helps in swift decision making aimed at improving operational efficiency.
  • Convenient method of delivery of alerts or notification messages.
  • Provides snapshots of consolidated data and interpretation thereof.
  • Multi-Color displays to support threshold and variance alerts.
  • Display individual and contact center performances.
  • Effective tool to motivate all to achieve assigned performance target.
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