gPlex® Telemarketing module helps eliminate the need for agents to waste time on manual dialing to prospects. So agents can spend more time talking to prospects. Our telemarketing module is very versatile and feature rich. Calls are dynamically initiated and transferred to a sales agent only when a live person has answered. Therefore, a higher volume of calls can be made in a shorter period of time. Studies show that organizations that leverage predictive dialing technologies can experience outbound call volume increases of as much as 400 percent. With our predictive dialer in place, agents no longer need to perform manual dialing activities. They can devote bulk of their time and effort to interacting with existing and potential customers, nurturing sales opportunities, promoting products and services, and closing deals. When it come to calculating ROI, no other solution comes close.

gPlex® telemarketing module for businesses and call centers of all sizes — bringing incredible speed and efficiency to telemarketing companies, by radically improving speed-to-contact, daily call volume, agents productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Major Features:

* System auto-dialing
* Higher volume of calls
* Increase agent productivity
* Grow your business fast
* And more

gPlex® Contact Center Telemarketing Module – Helps Grow Your Business

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