PCI-DSS Compliant Payment Module

Is your business struggling to be PCI-DSS compliant related to over-the-phone credit card payment processing?

Are you interested to process over-the-phone credit card payment without having your employees/call center agents exposed to card information?
STOP - look no further - gPlex® has the solution.

Accept card payments over-the-phone

Like gTalk® PBX (www.gtalkpbx.com) and gPlex® Contact Center solution (www.gplex.com) customers now you can also subscribe PCI-DSS compliant gTalk® Payment module to process over-the-phone credit card payments. The system allows your employees/agents to remain in voice communication throughout the payment process and still not exposed to sensitive card information even while the customer enters card information using their telephone keypad. The process involves:

* Masking of DTMF tone so that the digits entered cannot be captured through any call recording system.
* Transmission of sensitive card information directly from the caller's handset to the acquiring bank, by-passing the agent and their desktop computers.
* Full integration within the existing telecom infrastructure, including voice recording systems, CRMs, and payment service providers.
* Prevention of sensitive customer card information from being exposed to your employees/contact center agents.

Key Features
Payment Process Management

Accept payments, both instantaneous and deferred recurring ones through most types of credit and debit cards.

Protection against Fraud

Advanced fraud screening tools comes as standard, with real-time AVS/CV2 checks and 3D secure authentication (with MasterCard, Visa).

Get Paid Faster by Offering Over-the-Phone Payment Option

Get paid faster. Provide customers with the ability to pay invoices instantly and securely over-the-phone to speed up collection process.

Real-Time Reporting

View card transactions over our cloud-based portal on real time basis. You can quickly generate reports and export data in Excel.

gPlex® - PCI Compliance for Contact Centres

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