Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

gPlex® ACD

gPlex® Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is a technology that allows contact centers to distribute inbound calls, emails and chat messages to agents based on call arrival time, priority, customer needs, and agent skill set. Instead of simply sending inbound requests to an available agent, ACD system categorizes calls/messages and then automatically and intelligently routes the same to appropriate agent with relevant skillset to help the customer.


gPlex® skill-based ACD quickly matches callers in the queue to the agents who can best help them. That means efficient call resolution, happy customers, and money saved for your multi-channel contact center. The ACD system is the “core” of the gPlex platform.

Skills-Based Routing

An agent can be assigned to receive calls from multiple skills/companies. gPlex contact center system allows categorization of agents based on skills or length of service. The system finds available high priority agents to pass the calls.

Caller Priority

While every customer is important, certain instances may require the need to prioritize specific incoming calls based on status, size, and urgency. gPlex system allows setting call priorities to ensure your contact center’s most valued calls are always answered first.

Find Last Call Agent

If a caller calls for the second time the ACD engine attempts to transfer the call to the agent who had handled the caller’s previous call.

Round Robin

The Round Robin feature ensures that the incoming calls to your call center are distributed to the agents on the basis of covering all agents on duty in a cyclic order.

Longest Idle Agent

Longest Idle Agent feature is designed to ensure that incoming calls are routed to the agent (among the set of appropriate type of agent for that caller) who has been idle for the longest time.


Random call distribution is the most basic form of ACD. This type of call distribution may only be applicable where sufficient agents are available on duty compared to the rate of call flow i.e. there is hardly call waiting in the queue.

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