Contact Centers in the Healthcare industry play a vital role for both patients and providers. Healthcare providers need a system in place, whereby they can best utilize their contact centers in an efficient way, without losing the quality of the patient support. gPlex® Contact Center for Healthcare offers a solution to support the needs of both patients and providers, with a multi-channel contact center platform, which enhances and improves patient services and provider communication in an efficient and cost effective manner.

We help our healthcare customers design solutions that ensure compliance with HIPAA and other industry standards those are important to their businesses. Patient communication preferences have changed and healthcare organizations must adapt to new channels like chat, email, social, and mobile. Give patients the ability to self-serve for simple information requests, scheduling, and billing inquiries, while enabling them to connect to a live agent for more difficult requests.

Major Benefits:

* Reduce operational costs related to patient care.
* Satisfy HIPAA and other regulatory requirements with secure data.
* Integrate with existing CRM, EHR, and billing systems.
* Drive better patient and member satisfaction levels.
* Handle multi-channel communications from patients and customers.

gPlex® Contact Center - Reduce operational costs related to patient care

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