Email Integration

gPlex® Email Module

This module allows incoming emails to the gPlex® Contact Center (CC) to be distribute to the agents based on CC admin policy.

Facility to add notes to each email

A note can be added by the CC agent to each email. Even if an email has been sent, or is in the process of being sent or is in queue the agent concerned may add a note if felt necessary.

Reports on mail sent/receive

The email module saves a comprehensive record of all emails sent/received including various useful statistics and user friendly filtering tool to retrieve the needed data/information in the future.

Email filtering

Incoming and outgoing mails may be filtered based on agent groups or other policy factors.

Sending/Receiving Emails with attachment

One or more files can be attached to any email message, and be sent along with it to the recipient. Agent not only can send email with attachment, also can receive incoming mail with attachments.

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