Premises Contact Center


gPlex® Contact Center solution is available in both cloud based and premise based service solutions. gPlex® premise based contact center solution allows easy deployment and expansion in locations where Internet service is either not reliable or not available at affordable costs. Like in cloud based system gPlex® premise based system allows agents to be located in multiple locations and may be scaled up as and when required.

gPlex® Premise Based Contact Center Solution


gPlex® Premise based Contact Center solution allows easy deployment and expansion.

Agents can be located remotely at multiple locations while the core server placed at the central office.

Why Choose gPlex®

Quick and easy implementation with seamless integration into your existing environment.

gPlex® contact center system is highly reliable, scalable, and feature rich. Make best use the system.

gPlex® offers world-class service and 24x7 live technical support from our highly trained team of engineers.

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