With gPlex® automated dialing options, your agents will only receive calls that are connected to debtors, allowing you to contact more debtors each day. In addition, our real-time and historical reporting enables you to identify optimal times to reach debtors and maximizes your chances of debt recovery. If your agents are manually calling debtors, you're losing valuable time and money as they frequently reach voicemail and rarely connect to a live person. Using gPlex, you can eliminate these unnecessary costs and allow your agents to focus on making the most out of the live connections they make.

gPlex telemarketing module for businesses and call centers of all sizes — bringing incredible speed and efficiency to telemarketing companies, by radically improving speed-to-contact, daily call volume, agents productivity, and customer satisfaction.


* Quickly implement new collections programs.
* Automated messaging with live agent connect.
* Keep costs in-line with collection opportunities.

gPlex® Contact Center - Maximize Your Debt Collection

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