Voice Recording

Voice Recording

gPlex® Contact Center System’s Voice Recording module can be customized to meet your specific business needs. Our team will work with you to personalize recording solutions tailored to your environment, your existing phone system, and other business requirements. This feature is a reliable option to log all inbound and outbound phone calls, giving you the ability to achieve greater insight into your business.
The ability to enable 100% voice recording allows for greater ability to ensure compliance with internal and external regulations. Our voice recording helps you adhere to regulations such as PCI and HIPAA protecting your data and organization from legal repercussions.

Major Features:

* Priority-based scheduling ensures that high-priority calls are not missed.
* Customize call recording schedules based on user-definable variables and priority rankings.
* Call recording helps maintain compliance.

gPlex® Voice Recording Module - allows you to record inbound and outbound customer calls.

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